AESP Electric Vehicle Driver Experience (EVDX) Solutions Lab

Jun 5, 2023 to Jun 6, 2023
WSU Innovation Center Detroit, Michigan
United States

Join us for the Electric Vehicle Driver Experience (EVDX) Solutions Lab, happening June 5-6, 2023 in Detroit Michigan. Our own Kelly Helfrich will present at this event.

Th EVDX Solutions Lab is the first EV event to focus exclusively on understanding and improving the consumer and business EV experience and journey.  It concentrates on programmatic solutions for utilities, governments, and non-profits currently working on the EV customer transition. Buckle up and join your peers who are all thinking, “there’s got to be a better way!”

The Solutions Lab is intentionally designed to build on itself. Each session lays the groundwork for the next, starting with consumer and business needs and ending with tangible solutions you can implement at your own job.


Kelly Helfrich

Vice President, Electric Vehicle Practice

Kelly brings 10 years of dedicated EV experience with both a startup and a large automotive OEM in a variety of capacities including operations, strategy, business development, and product more