Candice Potter

Vice President

Market and Economic Potential Studies
Portfolio and Program Planning

Candice joined us in 2012 as a Senior Consultant. Candice offers a unique perspective, formed by more than 7 years of analytic, regulatory, and project management experience at San Diego Gas and Electric Co. (SDG&E) where she held key positions in the electric rates and the electric load analysis departments. She manages research projects involving electric utility program planning and evaluation.

Her projects typically focus on DSM programs that include interventions such as load control and time-differentiated pricing and behavioral conservation offerings. Candice’s most recent work emphasizes smart grid-enabled, emerging utility initiatives that provide feedback on energy consumption to consumers. Candice leads market research projects and evaluations to estimate the demand and energy savings attributable to these programs, as well as to understand customer acceptance and perceptions of these offerings. Some of the programs and pilots that she has recently evaluated include In-Home Display (IHD) and Smart Thermostat pilots at Pacific Gas and Electric Co. and an online interval data pilot at Avista Utilities. With respect to evaluating demand response programs, she has managed the load impact evaluations of the California Statewide Base Interruptible and Critical Peak Pricing programs, the Summer Saver air conditioning load control program at SDG&E, and the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator’s province-wide load control and IHD programs.

Candice’s utility experience is centered on developing and supporting policy positions on leading regulatory issues, including dynamic pricing, demand response, and electric vehicles. At SDG&E, she was an experienced utility manager of third-party load impact measurement and evaluation studies for DR programs. Candice conducted traditional load research analysis, as well as marginal cost modeling, in support of revenue allocation and rate design. She also served as a resource for the application of statistical methods by designing and implementing various studies for internal clients.