George Jiang

Managing Consultant

George Jiang is a Managing Consultant with more than eight years of energy consulting experience. He specializes in multiple aspects of program evaluation, including econometric analysis and processing/analyzing interval load data. He served as the project manager and lead analyst for evaluations of SDG&E’s Residential Peak-Time Rebate and Programmable Thermostat programs, utilizing statistical regression techniques and propensity score matching to estimate ex post and ex ante impacts for these programs.

George was the project manager for the evaluation of Commonwealth Edison (ComEd)’s Instant Discounts program. He also developed algorithms to automatically identify energy efficiency information for self-reported model numbers for ComEd’s Baseline and Potential Study.

He was extensively involved in several program impact evaluations on behalf of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). For the 2013-15 non-residential impact evaluations, he was responsible for managing and updating the integrated databases of telephone survey data and on-site survey data developed by the evaluation teams. He also developed customer sample frames and managed both the on-site and phone survey sample pulling and results processing.

George holds an MBA from the University of San Diego as well as BAs in Economics and Biology from the University of California, Berkeley.