Mauro Prais



Mauro Prais is a Principal Engineer and the technical development leader for Resource Innovations' Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow and iHedge FTR Market Simulator software packages.

Mauro is currently based in Chandler, AZ, where he oversees the design, development and testing of those products, and provides support to major independent system operators, grid operators, and other clients worldwide. He is also involved in the development of analytical techniques and software for power systems power flow, optimal power flow, contingency analysis, state estimation, congestion management, locational marginal pricing and financial transmission rights.

Mauro has more than 35 years of experience working in the electric power industry as a software developer and researcher in those areas. His prior experience includes a position as a senior research analyst at the Arizona State University Electric Power Research Laboratory, where he was responsible for coordinating the development of the power system simulation software for the Electric Power Research Institute’s System Control Center Operator Training Simulator project. Earlier, he was with CEPEL, the Brazilian Electric Power Research Center, in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro, working on the development of the online network analysis functions for the national and other control centers in Brazil. He earned a M.S. in electrical and systems engineering, and a B.S. in electrical engineering from Rio de Janeiro Federal University.