Stephen George

Senior Vice President

Market and Economic Potential Studies
Portfolio and Program Planning

Dr. George is SVP, Utility Services and co-leads Resource Innovations' Customer Strategy, Planning and Analysis practice. He has 35 years of energy industry experience focused primarily on consulting to electric and gas utilities and government entities responsible for establishing regulatory policies. Dr. George’s areas of expertise include pricing strategy, demand response market analysis, DSM program design and evaluation, electric industry restructuring, strategic and marketing planning, market research, and energy demand modeling. He is a member of the DOE/LBNL Technology Advisory Group overseeing the design of several U.S. utility pilot studies of dynamic rates. He also directs our U.S. utility projects involving the design and evaluation of dynamic pricing pilots and feedback experiments. Before joining Resource Innovations, Dr. George was the CEO of Freeman, Sullivan & Company and previously served as a VP at CRA International, PHB Hagler Bailly, Inc. (formerly Putnam, Hayes & Bartlett, Inc.), and XENERGY Inc. (now KEMA). He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of California (Davis) and a B.S. in economics from Santa Clara University.

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SCE DR Programs Report

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/ Jun 1, 2012