Announcement from Nexant Leadership: Unite Against Racism and Violence

Mar 25, 2021

Discrimination, racism, hate, violence—these are deep and broad injustices that have manifested in specific, recent incidents that have, and are, impacting Nexant employees. We recognize the fear, pain, and loss resulting from these intolerable and despicable acts; and we stand together against them and in support of each other. 

Specifically we are writing to speak out against hate and to support our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) staff and clients.  People of the AAPI community have been increasingly targeted since the pandemic and anti-Asian crime has risen significantly throughout the U.S. It's been heartbreaking to hear some of the stories, including violence against the elderly, and the tragic March 16 attacks in Atlanta. We urge you to stand with us to #StopAsianHate and spread awareness around this issue. 

We also recognize and support our staff and cliients in Boulder, CO, who had their community shaken by horrific gun violence this week. Many of our staff in Boulder frequented the grocery store where ten people were killed. 

Nexant stands in solidarity with members of the AAPI community and all those facing discrimination, hate incidents, fear, social injustice, and intimidation. We believe all violence and hate is unacceptable and we remain committed to unity and inclusion.

Ways to help, get involved, or learn more:


Basem Sarandah, CEO
Ashish Tulsyan, CFO
Bryan Haney, Executive Vice President
Sam Mueller, Executive Vice President