Nexant, ASU, and APS Awarded Department of Energy ARPA-E Grant

Dec 19, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, December 19, 2018— Nexant, Arizona State University (ASU), and Arizona Public Service (APS) are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA‑E) grant entitled “Sensor Enabled Modeling of Future Distribution Systems with Distributed Energy Resources” for the amount of $2,800,000.

Receiving this grant is instrumental and allows for the development of a collaborative, innovative project that will revolutionize distribution system operations. Today’s reactive, load-serving, and outage-mitigation focused methods are insufficient because they do not effectively manage or optimize various dispatchable resources within the distribution network. This joint project will transform these methods via an active dispatchable resource, load, and outage-managed, market-ready methodology. The project will include an integrated approach to develop sensor-rich and learning-ready system models, state estimation, optimal scheduling, and system-level control strategies for dispatchable resources: photovoltaics (PV) with smart inverters, storage, capacitor banks, and regulators within distribution networks, allowing utilities to better manage and leverage these assets.

The primary objectives of this project begin with the development of accurate, sensor-driven mathematical models of APS distribution feeders, loads, and dispatchable resource assets. The team, led by ASU, will next develop enhanced topology error processing for meshed and looped primary distribution systems as well as fast, accurate, and scalable distribution system state estimators with advanced security and bad data detection and correction capabilities. The project will provide optimal scheduling of dispatchable resources to facilitate both active and reactive power control on distribution feeders.

The team will then design, tune, and validate the dispatchable resource controllers through hardware in the loop (HIL) simulation utilizing Nexant’s Grid360 to determine control capabilities, range, resilience, and robustness. The final stage of the project will be demonstration of the developed technology on an APS feeder with a high penetration of dispatchable resources.



“Nexant’s decades of experience and expertise managing and optimizing dispatchable grid edge resources provides a very strong foundation for validating the modeling, topology processing, state estimation, optimization, and scheduling developed during this innovative and exciting project” said John Gustafson, CEO of Nexant.

“This unique collaboration between ASU, Nexant, and APS will facilitate the development of advanced distribution modeling and analysis tools enabling the seamless control of a range of active controllers on distribution feeders including smart inverters, capacitor banks, and voltage regulators to achieve desired operating objectives” said Vijay Vittal, Ira A. Fulton Chair Professor at ASU.

"Real-world deployment of distributed energy resources and advanced grid technologies requires thoughtful and innovative solutions to leverage the capabilities of these technologies to positively impact the grid” said Daniel Haughton, Manager of Distribution Engineering at APS.

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