Nexant Email Addresses and Website have Transitioned to Complement

Aug 30, 2021

Resource Innovations is reimagining the future of clean energy with Nexant, taking a visible step in combining the two companies into a single woman-led energy consulting company. Following the acquisition of Nexant in May 2021, Resource Innovations is transitioning Nexant staff email and the Nexant website domain to The content of has been moved to the new This transition does not affect Nexant Energy & Chemicals Advisory, which is a separate entity as of May 2021 and is not affiliated with Resource Innovations.

From August 31, 2021, Nexant staff email contacts will be via Any email sent to the Nexant domain will still be received, but the reply will come from the Resource Innovations domain. Our social media accounts have also merged on LinkedIn.

“We are excited to be making these visible milestones in our integration as one company. We look forward to honoring our commitment to drive impactful clean energy solutions for utilities and commercial, industrial, and residential energy consumers,” said Resource Innovations CEO Lauren Casentini.
Please direct any questions on this transition to


Resource Innovations now combined with Nexant is a substantially woman-owned, woman-led energy consulting firm dedicated to creating equal access to clean resources through diverse partnerships. The company's deep roots and broad expertise in resource efficiency, policy development, coalition and partnership building, and market-based technology enable the delivery of high-performing clean energy solutions. Resource Innovations has over 20 years of industry experience in demand-side management, grid management, and renewables, as well as a comprehensive suite of software designed to support these initiatives.