Nexant to present new methodology for valuing DERs at Solar Power International

Sep 9, 2016

Nexant to Present New Methodology for Valuing DERs at Solar Power International  

Wednesday’s presentation will summarize new report that SEPA released in partnership with Nexant

LAS VEGAS, NV -- The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), in partnership with Nexant, released a new report on Sept. 6 entitled:  “Addressing the Locational Valuation Challenge for Distributed Energy Resources.” At Solar Power International (SPI), Nexant Vice President of Strategy & Planning and report co-author Josh Bode will present a summary of the report and discuss the locational valuation methodology for DERs.

Key details of the presentation are:

  • Time: Wednesday, Sept. 14, 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Room: N255
  • Title: “Addressing the Locational Valuation Challenge for Distributed Energy Resources”
  • Presenter: Josh Bode, Vice President, Nexant
  • SPI Track: Utility & Grid Integration

Mr. Bode will also be available for interviews after the presentation for the remainder of the day.

Key insights of the report include:

  • Utility managers asked to integrate DERs into distribution system planning need a way to compare DERs to more traditional distribution resources. However, approaches that seek to boil DER value down to a single benefit-cost ratio or average value per kilowatt-hour are overlooking the differences in temporal and locational characteristics inherent in DERs.
  • A metric applicable across various DER technologies allows for the capacity deferral value provided by various DERs to be stacked and combined.
  • Four factors help identify when and where DERs have the potential to provide the most distribution deferral value: excess capacity, projected load growth, load shape attributes, and the timing, duration, and magnitude of need.
  • The proposed Load Carrying Capacity Factor (LCCF) is a measure that captures the ability of a given DER to provide effective locational capacity, when and where it is needed.

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