Nexant to Release TrakSmart Version 4.0

Jul 11, 2011
New Version Significantly Enhances User Experience and Real-Time Integration Capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO – Nexant, Inc. today announced the release of TrakSmart Version 4.0, its market-leading demand side management (DSM) platform.  

TrakSmart is a widely deployed software solution that allows utility administrators to easily and efficiently plan, implement, and evaluate an entire portfolio of DSM programs. TrakSmart allows for automation of the complete end-to-end business process flows—from planning to evaluation—significantly reducing the time, cost, and human errors in managing and reporting program activities and performance. It gives utilities the ability to accurately report on how well their programs are performing against energy savings goals and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

TrakSmart Version 4.0 is scheduled for release in September 2011.  Version 4.0 significantly expands TrakSmart’s features with enhanced user experience, comprehensive business process management support, as well as advanced integration capabilities.  A full demo will be available at the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) Conference in Dallas, October 3-5.

Today’s DSM administrators are rapidly launching energy efficiency programs to engage and motivate customers to conserve energy due to growing regulatory and operational requirements.

“While the expansion of DSM programs has created many new conservation and load reduction opportunities, it has also created challenges for program administrators to manage programs and report on them accurately and efficiently,” said Martin Milani, Nexant’s Chief Technology Officer.

“TrakSmart—a software platform that streamlines program design, implementation, tracking, and reporting—is clearly essential to regulators and commercial, industrial, and residential customers as they increasingly require real-time information and accurate reports,” said Milani. “Utilities are seeing great value with TrakSmart, from reductions in application processing and support costs and compliance risks to increasing customer satisfaction and increased program participation.”

TrakSmart 4.0 features include:

  • Fast and easy DSM program creation that gives program managers unprecedented flexibility for modeling and allows them to easily create a wide variety of DSM programs.

  • Automated tracking and reporting of performance so program managers can gain insights and evaluate common key performance indicators or create custom reports based on any field in the system.

  • Smart program assembly with robust equipment and preloaded measure libraries to quickly calculate incentives and evaluate savings for common measures.