Lauren Casentini

Lauren Casentini , CEO

Lauren Casentini, CEO and founder of Resource Innovations, is an experienced entrepreneur in the energy efficiency industry. Her expansive expertise includes formerly representing a variety of stakeholders, including a major investor-owned utility and the largest energy efficiency consulting company in the US. She founded her most recent company, Resource Innovations, in January 2016 and leads its strategy, vision and growth. Lauren is a seasoned executive with more than 25 years of energy consulting, program design and management, and policy expertise. She provides guidance across all program areas and represents the company in the policy arena through participation in many forums that influence federal and state energy policy. Since the start of her career, her mission has been to create an abundant future by developing groundbreaking strategies to eliminate energy waste. She embodies this transformative effort as she guides Resource Innovations to jolt conventional ideas with innovations that make resource reduction accessible and approachable for all.