About Lorna

With over 25 years experience in the energy efficiency industry, Lorna is expert in conceiving, implementing and managing solutions for utilities, government agencies and non-profits. As a co-founder of Resource Innovations, she uses the combination of her business operations, analytical and forward thinking abilities to craft and execute solutions to meet clients’ needs.

Professional experience

As a Vice President at CLEAResult, Lorna managed the Midwest Region and led the business unit’s growth from $6 to $26 million, which included over 37 programs across 9 major gas and electric utility clients. Her role included proposal development, oversight of program design, startup and implementation, staff management and client relations. She was responsible for ensuring successful execution of a wide range of programs including residential, multi-family, commercial and industrial prescriptive, custom, audit and direct install programs. Lorna also served as Interim VP, directing the California Region where she oversaw various comprehensive performance-based programs in the commercial and industrial sectors that focused on on-site audits and data analysis. In addition, she headed the Midwest and California Region business and financial operations. Operations responsibilities included project performance oversight, troubleshooting underperforming projects, contract negotiations, staffing, proposal strategy, pricing and energy savings review. Her financial leadership included all budgeting, accounting, invoicing, forecasting and reporting to executive management.

Lorna co-founded Resource Solutions Group, RSG, in 2006 (acquired by CLEAResult in 2011), after achieving 20 years of deep understanding and experience working for companies such as Four Winds Alliance, Pacific Gas & Electric Company and National Grid. Lorna used her a strong analytical foundation to provide credibility in program planning and real-world results for her resource efficiency work. Her vision and leadership was key to the design, development and implementation of RSG’s early programs in the winery, dairy and schools market. She played a key role in the company expansion to the Midwest and was responsible for the oversight and startup of diverse energy efficiency program portfolios directed at benefiting residential, commercial and industrial customers through prescriptive and customized rebate programs. Leveraging her prior experience, she led planning, cost-effectiveness and forecasting efforts as well as provided overall company financial oversight.

Lorna holds a M.B.A at the University of California, Berkeley and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering at UnionCollege, Schenectady, New York.

Lorna can be reached at lrushforth@resource-innovations.com or 415.305.6901.