Addressing the Locational Value Challenge for Distributed Energy Resources

Nexant and Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) recently released a joint report that addresses the locational valuation challenge for distributed energy resources (DERs). Alana Lemarchand, co-author of the report and Senior Consultant at Nexant, will summarize the report and field questions from practitioners in this interactive webinar.
Locational value, the potential to defer traditional "wires" investments, is a key value proposition for DERs. With the push to incorporate DERs into distribution planning, there is a need for a common metric or approach for assessing potential capacity deferral value. While a universal, common methodology has yet to emerge, a concrete approach has already been applied at multiple utilities to evaluate DER alternatives to traditional investments. This approach accounts for diverse DER characteristics and uses probabilistic forecasting to more realistically represent the risks and options that utility planners face. Alana will share the key concepts behind this approach, which has wide reaching applications for assessing locational capacity value from integrated distribution planning to market design.
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