Customer Care Center

Utilities across the U.S. engage Nexant’s Call Centers to deliver caring, knowledgeable and engaging customer support, from single programs to entire utility program portfolios. Our full-featured centers use state-of-the-art equipment and smart processes that allow us to consistently out-perform the global industry standard. Most importantly, we work closely with our utility clients to become a trusted extension of their organizations, easing the load on a utility’s internal resources while boosting customer experience and satisfaction.

Most call centers offer standardized, cookie-cutter operations because it’s easier to manage. Nexant understands that utility energy programs have diverse needs that require more flexibility. Our smart staffing approach makes the most of our domain expertise to provide concierge-level service to utility customers. Callers never get the run-around. From issue resolution to alternative offerings, every call center interaction leaves customers with something of value.  Updated November 2018.

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