Do You have an End-to-End DSM Strategy Yet?

Apr 17, 2016

The utility industry is undergoing rapid change and disruption. The “traditional” utility model of customer service being simply turning on service and sending monthly bills is becoming a thing of the past. To remain pertinent, and competitive, utilities need to engage in more dynamic relationships with and add value for their customers – and do it in a way that makes it easy for those customers to understand and participate in relevant and core initiatives. Many utilities are embracing the fact that the way forward is to expand their business model to offer additional below the meter services – and that effective, efficient demand side management (DSM) is a crucial first step and key to achieving that. 

Given the rise of new consumer engagement technologies and an increasingly competitive landscape, there has been an increasing realization that change is needed to develop stronger customer relationships in order to remain pertinent. At this critical turning point, the industry has acknowledged that the model needs to change to reconcile both the dramatically changing ways of doing business in the energy sector and current market needs. So how can more efficiency and effectiveness be brought to the DSM table in a way that also breaks down silos? 

Disruptive systems and software have changed the way business is done in every industry – and utility DSM customer programs are no different. With the current upheaval in the industry, an end-to-end DSM strategy and an enabling platform is increasingly a necessity to merge DSM processes and programs with core business operations in order to:

  • Serve as the foundation for a transformative, customer-centric DSM strategy
  • Streamline DSM business process management 
  • Create a unified ecosystem that drives energy savings and improves distribution planning
  • Reduce operating costs and maximize value of customer program data and associated analytics

Want to learn more and see some real world examples? Check out the new industry playbook An End-to-End DSM Strategy: Capitalizing on Change in The Utility Industry. In it you’ll see how leading utilities such as PacifiCorp and NV Energy are leveraging systems and best practices to enable a comprehensive DSM approach. It’s time to get on the road to your end-to-end DSM strategy!