A Few of Our Favorite Winter Activities

Feb 18, 2021

During the fall, biking exploded in popularity. This winter, cold weather sporting gear and apparel are in high demand, with some sizes and models running out of stock. This includes skis, ice skates, snow boots, snowshoes, and even apparel. The pandemic might be keeping us all at home, but it’s also gotten us looking for ways to stay active and enjoying nature/outdoor activities more than ever. 

Nexant staff are quite the outdoor enthusiasts, and have not let the pandemic slow down their love of the outdoors this winter. It can feel very freeing to get outdoors -- after all, exercise benefits both our physical and mental health. The other day, one of our employees commented that “Just getting outdoors whenever possible has really helped me be more productive throughout the week, and stay sane, or just improve my overall mental health.”

We recently asked staff to share with us how they are braving the cold weather. Whether it was hiking, skiing, or building a snowman, it’s clear that enjoying the outdoors is a pastime for many of our staff.

Take a look at the photos below to see how our employees are enjoying the outdoors!

Matthew Lein representing the classic Colorado winter time favorite: Skiing.
Lonny Peet and his family sledding on Mt. Hood this winter.
Greg Stiles and his wife at SkiBowl with Mt. Hood in the background.
Katy McSurdy and her family built a snowman and have enjoyed some sledding.
Josh Beeber, Hinsdale, IL
Candice Norton has been busy being active this winter. Here she is on one of her snowboarding trips.
Brandon Hadley isn't a huge fan of the cold/snow. So instead of a full-sized snowman, he built a miniature beer cozy snowman.