The Grid and Electricity in Arts & Culture - Music

Feb 8, 2021

This blog is the first of a series on the Grid and Electricity in Arts & Culture. 

There is a saying you may have heard before that states “there is power in music”. It's a belief that has been stated many times by everyone from musicians, to authors, and even your average, everyday music listener. In fact, a quick Internet search with these keywords yields page after page of quotes on the power of music. Here are just a few:

“If there is one thing that is constant in this world, it is the power of music.” - Josh Groban

"I really believe in the power of music - and I mean literally the power of musical tones - to rearrange the way you can think." - Michael Azerrad

“I learned early on the value and the power of music to inspire and to drive me.” - Bill Walton

“Music is Power.” - Richard Ashcroft

This idea that there is power in music is nothing new, but what if we look at the phrase from a literal sense, lyrically speaking? Believe it or not, there are actually hundreds, if not thousands of songs that make some sort of reference to power, electricity, and the grid. And we’ve heard of this artist, AY-Musik, who made a name for himself by powering his concerts using 100% renewable energy! 

Although it would be impossible to list them all, I’ve compiled a Spotify playlist with some of my favorite songs that reference power, electricity, or the grid. Some songs are inspired by lights, or “Dancing in the Dark”. “Grid”, a 2020 release by Public Enemy, taps into energy insecurity, anxiety, and internet addiction with ”what you gonna do when the grid goes down?”. Most of the groups including The Polecats, a rockabilly band, use electric components in a metaphor for relationships:

“I'll be a diode, cathode, electrode

Overload, generator, oscillator

Make a circuit with me...

I'm an AC/DC man

You can read my circuit diagram

I feed on electric jolts

I need fifty-thousand volts”

Whether you’re looking for something to listen to while you power through your workday or light up your post-work activities, this playlist has something for everyone.



Do you have a favorite song referencing power or the grid that didn’t make this playlist? Tag @Nexant_Utility on Twitter or find us on Facebook and LinkedIn and let us know what it is! 

Electricity and the grid will become even more ingrained in arts and culture as we continue to move toward more electrification and decarbonization goals. Stay tuned for additional blogs in this series that will highlight how the grid inspires musicians and artists across the globe.