How Green is Your Office? Here’s How We Keep Score

Apr 23, 2018

Earth Day has passed, but in this industry we like to think every day is Earth Day. Last week, I wrote about some of our Sustainability Coordinators and their years of dedication and experience. This week, I’m focusing on how we support green activities in each office in North America.

Our Sustainability Coordinators help gather office data to fill out our Green Scorecard—a system derived from Harvard’s Green Office Program—to document office activities that reduce their environmental footprint. We use the data to continually remind and motivate our teams to think and act green, to share best practices, and to compare results among offices.

The Green Office Scorecard in Action: Dashboard
A Sampling of High-Impact Actions in the Green Office Scorecard


Since 2008, Nexant has been reporting our North American offices’ carbon emissions and we have offset those emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets since 2012.  Our Green Scorecard compliments our effort by comparing baseline data with our annual updates for consumption of energy, water, paper, trash, recyclables, and compostables. Offices that complete the Scorecard receive an incentive towards implementing new sustainability initiatives, such as a kitchen compost bin.

Megan Petraitis, Cathy Newquist-Dejesus, and Christine Weeditz with compost bin and sustainability/awareness flyer (Hinsdale office)

Eight of our thirteen offices submitted the Green Scorecard in 2017, and six are planning to move forward with sustainability initiatives. Offices that complete the scorecard and perform well receive a monetary incentive toward future greening activities, encouraging continual improvement. Here is what some offices are doing:

  • LED lighting retrofits
  • Cloud-based fault detection system for HVAC and Lighting
  • Office composting
  • Communal cruiser bikes
  • Sustainable Furniture
  • Reusable Dishware
  • Cloth hand-towel service
  • Green office plants
  • Reusable water canteens for employees and hydration challenges

Whether it’s energy efficiency, retro-commissioning, consulting, or evaluating energy programs, we are proud of the work we do and how it contributes to a sustainable future. Check out our #earthweek tweets @Nexant_Utility to see how much energy and money Nexant programs have saved, as well as tips for taking action this Earth Day (or any day).