iEnergy® Portfolio Planning Datasheet

Energy Portfolio Planning serves as a cloud-based utility demand side management (DSM) planning system to help ensure that energy savings goals and compliance requirements are met. It enables planners to easily simulate, model, and adjust the optimal mix of energy savings measures, administrative budgets and incentives, participants, and program scenarios for optimal cost-effectiveness. This systems-enabled approach not only streamlines planning and design, but also consolidates planning into a single system of record across DSM portfolios. Utility planners and managers responsible for planning their DSM portfolios have been struggling to make their DSM and energy efficiency programs as effective and efficient as possible and to report accurate results to key stakeholders. Increased pressure to reduce costs has made DSM planning, forecasting, and cost-effectiveness testing critical to achieving energy savings. Additionally, they have struggled to tie their DSM initiatives into broader integrated resource planning while typically still using outdated tools such as spreadsheets or custom-built applications.

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