The Impact of Trump’s Trade War on Global Acrylonitrile Exports

Sep 6, 2018

Trump’s trade war with China could put US acrylonitrile exports at risk, benefiting European producers (INEOS and AnQore) and other Asian producers in the short-term.

Simmering trade tensions between the US and China could spill into the petrochemicals industry. We look at the potential impact on acrylonitrile (ACN).

China has indicated that it may impose a ‘retaliatory’ tariff on US acrylonitrile imports.

The US has been the world’s largest ACN producer over the last two decades and China is a key export market.  This tariff would threaten the competitiveness of US ACN exports to China.

Acrylonitrile value chain

ACN is not a material known to the average consumer, but a quick look through a vehicle demonstrates its wide uses. Polymer ABS, a material used for car bumpers and dashboards is the main material produced with ACN. Acrylic fibre is the second largest end-use; it is used in a variety of textiles such as car tops, boat covers, and apparel. Other uses of ACN include HMDA, a raw material for nylon 6,6 (used for example in engine covers) and acrylamide (used in water treatment and oil drilling).

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