Mindfulness Exercise: Check In, Tune Up, and Replenish

Aug 12, 2020

Feeling stressed? Us too. COVID-19 and the changes it brought has many of us working hard to sustain our physical as well as mental health. As a workplace, it’s a relief that Nexant has been very clear on its COVID-19 policies and measures taken for fieldworkers. One of the things we specialize in is energy efficiency and behavioral programs. Today, I’d like to ask… What if we take those ideas to a personal level? How efficient are you working and thinking in your daily life? Are you taking care of yourself? Can you do better?

We could interpret our internal efficiency as being at peak when we try to be “in the moment.” My hope is that this exercise will take you there. When we check in and take time to notice our bodies, we can learn more about ourselves and where we might be tensing, perhaps holding on to things that we can actually let go. I prepared for us a quick body scan exercise that can be done while sitting, standing, or laying down. Call it a Tune-Up---take a listen and see what you find. 

Mindfulness Exercise: