Municipalities Embracing Demand Side Management and Customer Engagement

Oct 20, 2014

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The “buzz” around customer engagement has taken priority lately with municipal utilities tailoring their services to provide a better customer experience, by encouraging collaborative engagement through their energy efficiency and DSM programs. Maintaining a successful customer-centric business strategy to support DSM/EE initiatives is the most controlling and contributing factor to a changing perception around utility DSM program management and customer engagement.  How does your municipal utility design and deliver energy efficiency programs from a customer-focused mindset, to provide a remarkable customer experience?

While there are examples of municipal electric utility companies like JEA leveraging automated systems of record for its energy efficiency programs, there is still a limited number overall that are investing in new approaches and applications to streamline their business processes, and drive improved behavioral change with increased program participation. JEA is already reaping the benefits and exceeding its annual energy savings targets by leveraging a centralized system of record which ensures effective program administration, real-time visibility, data management across the portfolio and enables improved customer satisfaction.

With a new end-to-end software-enabled approach, municipalities can deliver personalized, action-oriented online engagement and education, which enables customers to understand and benefit from energy conservation, change their usage and equipment purchasing behavior, and actively participate in new or existing utility DSM programs. Additionally, municipal utilities can benefit from automated customer engagement capabilities ranging from online rebate applications to customer notifications via email and other contact mechanisms as part of a streamlined business process.

Is your utility prepared to break the bond with cumbersome manual methods and spreadsheets, and embrace new software and technology? Now is likely the time to take control with strategic management and optimization of your energy efficiency and DSM programs that can deliver a quality customer experience.

Further insights can be found in Nexant’s white paper, Embracing Demand Side Management and Customer Engagement for Munis