Nexant’s Holiday Blog: Sustainable Tips, Shopping, and Rentals

Nov 25, 2019

Is your holiday schedule more packed than that turkey filled to the brim with stuffing? As energy professionals, we all know what we need to do to save energy: turn off the lights, use LED’s, and use public transportation. But, we all have our vices, things we don’t want to give up, and more that we could be doing. Despite this, you can still take some steps to make your holiday celebrations environmentally friendly! Below are some fun and helpful tips to green your  holidays.

1. Are you helping plan a big meal with friends and family? There are sure to be leftovers! The USDA estimates that 30-40% of the US food supply is thrown out. Don’t just send leftovers home with guests, your feast can be repurposed into meals for the upcoming week. You can even use the leftover turkey bones to make a turkey stock for any soups or stews throughout the winter.

2. Compost all compostable food scraps! Any leftover vegetable or fruit scraps, bread, or coffee grounds can be put in a compost bin or pile in your backyard instead of sending this waste to the landfill. These scraps will break down into a rich compost that you can use in your flower beds or vegetable garden.

3. Are you a big Black Friday shopper? Don't forget about Small Business Saturday! Shopping locally not only helps boost the local economy, it can be more environmentally sustainable too! Any purchases made locally reduce their carbon footprint by forgoing the energy and materials needed to ship individual goods to your house. Don’t forget to bring a reusable shopping bag!

4. And then there’s Cyber Monday. Many consider shopping online to be more environmentally friendly (reduced fuel consumption, etc.). But why not take it a step further and purchase gifts from environmentally-friendly businesses? We compiled a list of some staff favorites below: (Note: Nexant is not affiliated with any of these and is not benefiting from the links below.)

  • Amour Vert - Sustainable, high quality clothing made in California. They also plant trees for each purchase.
  • CoalaTree - Eco-minded goods and hiking outerwear.
  • Pact - Organic cotton basics that won’t break the bank.
  • TenTree - Hiker-friendly clothing from sustainable materials like cotton, hemp, and cork and they plant trees for each purchase.
  • Gardens Alive - Eco-friendly garden and lawn products, gifts, and plants.
  • Green Toys - 100% recycled toys.
  • McFadden Farm - Made-to-order fragrant wreaths of bay leaves, rosemary, and more.
  • Uncommon Goods - “Give some Good” Gift Guide with upcycled/recycled gifts.
  • Upcycled Chic - Recycled paper jewelry and ornaments.


  • Little Seed Farm - Sustainably-produced soaps and lotions.
  • Pacifica - Beauty products that are vegan and cruelty-free.

5. Did you know that some holiday decorations---even trees---can be rented and returned? Talk about reducing and reusing! (We looked, but could not find this type of service for other holidays.) If you’re not looking to rent, you can make an impact by buying a tree from a local farm or plant nursery and decorations from florists and local shops. 

However you celebrate (or shop), we wish you a Happy Holiday!