Nexant's Deep Expertise is Audible -- On the Radio

Apr 1, 2018

Lending further proof to the maxim that Nexant staff can be informative and entertaining in any medium, Nexant’s own Ron Cascone made for an engaging guest on the radio last month.  (Recording available below.)

The Livable Cities radio program on WVOX (a member of the Fox News Radio Network) is hosted by Milagros Lecuona, an architectural designer and urban planner who advocates for responsible and efficient growth.  She was fascinated to hear about Nexant’s positioning at the intersection of petroleum, the electric grid, renewable energy, biorenewable materials, and energy efficiency.


Below, listen to the recording of the wide-ranging conversation Ron and Milagros had on air February 16.




Ron recounted how this century, after advising oil refiners and petrochemical makers for decades, Nexant’s Energy & Chemicals Advisory consultants branched out to become experts—first on biofuels and then on the whole panoply of biorenewable materials. This new expertise blended with a thriving practice on three continents, applying deep understanding of energy and chemistry to materials made from wood, glycerine, yeast, algae, municipal solid waste—all the carbon sources that do not come from fossils.  Ron relishes his role in that chain of expertise, passing it on to Nexant’s smart young analysts.

Ron enjoys helping young companies too.  He has helped many clients nurture new technologies from demonstration scale to commercialization.  Nexant also helps investors—diving deep into the economics of bio-based processes to identify and mitigate risks in new biorefineries, acquisitions, or public offerings. 

Nexant has advised numerous clients about bio-based chemicals, green plastics, and turning waste into chemicals and electricity.  Ron has written and edited technoeconomic reports on these and other miracles for Nexant’s Biorenewable Insights program. Recent titles analyze ways to make jet fuel and water bottles from things like lignin and sugar.

When Ron isn’t helping makers of chemicals and plastics to be more profitable and sustainable, he volunteers for the Center for Sustainable Development and his local conservation commission. He is also a cook, leaving a trail of potato peels and chicken gizzards in his wake.  He lent his town some of his considerable expertise in anaerobic digestion and community composting, and had been proud, that morning, to make his first deposit in the town’s compost bank.

Ron shared his enthusiasm about Nexant’s work on solar and wind energy.  The trick is to find ways to store heat or refrigeration when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.  In the old days, churches in the south would fill a drum with ice cubes in advance of Sunday; then, during the service, the melting ice cubes would cool the church.  Thermal energy storage runs on the same concept.  Nexant is preparing a deep analysis of the available technologies for that right now.

Host Milagros brought up the building design philosophy called passive house.  Ron opined that all energy-saving strategies will come to pass.  They have to.  And Nexant can help.


Nexant’s Energy & Chemical Advisory products and services guide clients through nuts and bolts and the business of green chemistry, renewable fuels and chemicals, and biopolymers.