Jun 15, 2015

Overview and Business Challenge

Like most utilities, PacifiCorp faced a variety of challenges when managing their complex and ever changing energy efficiency and DSM programs using in-house custom and or mostly manual solutions. One of the biggest challenges was rolling up reports using changing data sets in such an operating environment, to meet their regulatory compliance and reporting requirements. It was not only very cumbersome but also time consuming and involved a lot of administrative cost. Their existing approach also lacked the flexibility and scalability to effectively meet energy savings goals and ensure customer satisfaction. In order to verify data on savings, measure costs and incentives with speed and accuracy, PacifiCorp needed a centralized system of record to streamline the collection and management of program information at every step of the DSM business process. 

Nexant Solution

To address these challenges, PacifiCorp selected Nexant’s end-to-end DSM business process management software platform, iEnergy, because of its unique integrated capabilities and proven track record. iEnergy® DSM Central and Technical Reference Library helped PacifiCorp to cost-effectively manage a full range of utility DSM programs that meet their energy savings goals, and improve customer satisfaction with reduced time to rebate.

PacifiCorp trusted Nexant’s technical expertise, experience and success in providing innovative software solutions to meet their specific business needs that included the following:

  • Purpose-built software for real-time portfolio data management, planning, tracking and reporting of DSM business operations
  • A consolidated repository to maintain and manage PacifiCorp’s complete set of programs and DSM measures used in TRMs – all in a single, centralized system of record
  • Calculation, verification and auditing for TRM savings used in DSM programs
  • Built-in support for incentive and administrative budget analysis
  • Secure, role-based access for stakeholders providing granular authentication and authorization at all program management levels

As a result, PacifiCorp now has real-time visibility for all program and measure data, including savings, costs and incentives. By leveraging Nexant’s end-to-end DSM business process management software, PacifiCorp has automated measure data management capability for calculation, verification and auditing of uniform measure savings including reference documentation for each and every data point in their system. The easily accessible web-based software helps speedy and accurate reporting of portfolio performance to regulatory authorities and stakeholders, and helps justify investments through enforcement of business rules across programs with better control. Administrative time and costs have reduced dramatically with streamlined management of all DSM programs and business processes.