Thoughts from WEI's Spring Energy Symposium

Mar 24, 2014

Nexant recently attended the Western Energy Institute’s Spring Symposium where discussions were focused on trends in the energy industry for 2014. During the two-day event, there were several interactive tracks on topics such as; customer operations, communications, community engagement, energy efficiency, business intelligence & technology, government relations, compliance, regulatory & finance. Here are a few key takeaways from last week’s sessions:

  • Utilities are not the same companies as they were five years ago—they are becoming technically advanced and are seeking even further innovations in an effort to keep up with other industries
  • Utilities are looking to create a ‘self-service’ model for customers to engage with them in order to help drive participation in their energy efficiency programs and improve customer satisfaction
  • Achieving high customer satisfaction is no longer considered going above and beyond the norm —it is a basic requirement and utilities are looking to find ways to improve and exceed customer expectations

​These key takeaways are echoed in what we are seeing as an overarching theme in the industry when it comes to customer engagement. Taking a holistic and comprehensive approach is a strategy that utilities are adopting (or need to adopt) in order to meet their customers’ growing demands while driving participation into their programs and meeting both their energy savings goals and compliance requirements. By leveraging the latest innovations, best practices and analytics, utilities are taking steps to cost-effectively transform customer engagement and ecosystem collaboration.

It was exciting to participate in such thought provoking sessions and spend quality time with fellow energy professionals to discuss some of the most interesting topics in the industry. We are looking forward to continue our ongoing partnership with WEI and attending this year’s Annual Meeting taking place September 7-9, 2014 in Kelowna, BC.