Utility Services: Value Analysis for DER Brochure

Multi-billion dollar investments from both government and industry are contributing to the most significant grid modernization efforts since the power industry’s inception. Much of the transformation in customer care, revenue models, smart grid and cleantech converges on the area of Distributed Energy Resources (DER): solar photovoltaics (PV), electric vehicles (EV), renewable generation and battery storage technology. Utilities acknowledge the significance of DER’s impact on the resiliency, economics and reliability of their power system operations; however it is still very difficult to properly quantify those impacts, and the benefits are yet to be assessed.

With increased grid integration of PV and other DER, utilities need an accurate analysis of the value of new assets being integrated into their grid. Nexant experts combine economic, engineering and operational expertise in market potential studies, generation planning, transmission and distribution (T&D) planning, and situational analysis. Whether it is Value of Solar (VOS), grid analytics or Integrated Resource Planning (IRP), our in-depth studies give utility decision-makers the most comprehensive assessments and realistic scenarios to support DER strategy and renewables integration.

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