What You Don’t Know About Demand Response Customer Engagement Could Hurt You

Oct 7, 2014

It’s well understood that customer engagement is a cornerstone for DSM program success. Going a step further, creating positive customer satisfaction to maintain engagement is a crucial cornerstone to demand response (DR) program success. Ongoing customer engagement is imperative to ensure that DR, as a relied upon resource, is available when needed.

The challenge is compounded when so many of the needed elements to create a positive customer experience aren’t always obvious – sum total of which if overlooked or ignored can sabotage DR program results and success. Awareness of not stopping short of the finish line in this respect is important. Having the right software systems to achieve it is paramount.

The optimal software system enablement can and should create strategically significant interactions and communications that truly connect with customers. This means the ability to plan for, pull in, call out, and manage the thousands of complex details and triggers that leverage and support the customer experience through the final mile of customer satisfaction and ongoing engagement.

Further insights can be found in Nexant’s white paper, Hidden Secrets to DR Program Engagement – the Crucial Final Mile: Customer Satisfaction.