Winning in Adhesives & Sealants -- From Idea Generation to Commercialization

Jun 7, 2019

As product cycles compress and competitive pressures increase, adhesive & sealant companies must innovate in order to grow. Innovation depends on a combination of initiatives in people and process and product, wrapped up in an integrated strategy driven by what customers want. Winning specialty chemical companies identify their target market segments and develop high quality offerings tailored to them.

To cultivate organic growth, they keep a close eye on competitors while optimizing operations. For a turbo-charge, they look to carefully considered strategic partnerships and acquisitions.
Marios Hatzikyriakou, Senior Consultant at Nexant, helps coatings, adhesives, and sealants companies identify growth strategies and acquisition targets. In his presentation "Winning in Adhesives & Sealants from Idea Generation to Commercialization," at the 2019 Adhesives and Sealants Convention, he posed the questions specialty chemical company leaders should ask themselves in order to create new products that progress quickly from concept to market while improving customer satisfaction and dismaying competitors.
Download the presentation here.