Rapid-Response Marketing
Nov 17, 2020
Molly Griffin
Brie Gutmann
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone’s lives in one way or another and has given us little option—both personally and professionally—other than to be responsive and clever. While it’s easy to...
maximize network capacity
Nov 12, 2020
John Dirkman
The transition to clean energy is well underway and I’m proud of Nexant’s continued contributions. We’ve helped one of the largest utility commissions evaluate and monitor a statewide initiative to...
Heat Pumps: Barriers to Fuel-Switching and Some Success Stories
Nov 2, 2020
Katy McSurdy
As a follow up to my previous article on advances in heat pump technology I wanted to find out what was new and why the adoption of heat pumps still remains pretty stagnant. I found that the things...
Shedding Some Light on Commercial and Industrial LED Applications
Oct 22, 2020
Katy McSurdy
Lynn Belken
In Part 1 of this interview with Leora Radetsky , we covered smart lighting, customizability, and COVID-19 possibilities. For Part 2 we are diving into indoor agriculture, how utilities are helping...
Shedding Some Light on Commercial and Industrial LED Applications
Oct 13, 2020
Katy McSurdy
Lynn Belken
In a recent blog on LEDs , we covered numerous topics and questions to help consumers buy the right bulb for their needs and be happy with their purchase. But LEDs are not only for residential use...
Energy Efficiency Day
Oct 6, 2020
Lynn Belken
This October, fulfill the promise you made to yourself earlier in the year to get serious about saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint. Why October? With the cooler temperatures and shorter...
Let's Get Outside with Hiking & Biking
Sep 22, 2020
Lynn Belken
During the pandemic, biking exploded in popularity. Whether it’s families biking together, essential workers commuting, or gym enthusiasts looking for a new workout, bikes have been in demand and...
Nexant Expert John Dirkman Shares Energy Industry Knowledge with Northwestern University Class
Sep 10, 2020
Lynn Belken
Aristotle has been quoted as saying, “Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.” Some however, do both. And our Vice President of Product Management, John Dirkman, PE, is one of those people...
The Great Nexant Recipe Exchange
Aug 26, 2020
Katy McSurdy
Since the beginning of the pandemic, Nexant staff have banded together by sharing pictures of home offices, furry coworkers, and unique social distancing activities with their teams. Recently, we...
Mindfulness Exercise: Check-In, Tune-up, and Replenish
Aug 12, 2020
Katy McSurdy
Feeling stressed? Us too. COVID-19 and the changes it brought has many of us working hard to sustain our physical as well as mental health. As a workplace, it’s a relief that Nexant has been very...