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Nexant celebrates 20 year anniversary
We’ve come a long way in 20 years and we are proud of the way we continue to develop and implement strong services and useful products. Check out some milestones in this infographic.
Cobalt Extraction Technologies
Mar 5, 2020
By Marcos Nogueira César The cobalt sector, traditionally important for chemicals, metallurgy, and pigments, is receiving increasing attention due to its strategic importance to the production of...
Feb 26, 2020
Pat Sonti
Priyanka Khemka
Defining the Supply Chain The traditional and conventional textiles industry is constantly being driven by innovation in fibers, fabrics, garments, and distribution supply chain which are the basic...
energy engineers
Feb 17, 2020
Lonny Peet
Katy McSurdy
This week, we’re celebrating the expertise and acumen of our engineers around the world. The week-long celebration was started by the National Society of Professional Engineers , a group that dates...
Customer Insight, iEnergy Software
Feb 11, 2020
Katy McSurdy
Mukul Kundu
Adam Perry
For over a decade, Nexant’s iEnergy software has been a vital tool for managing utility customer programs and has evolved to meet the changing needs of utility customers and the utility industry. “...
Feb 9, 2020
By Ronald F. Cascone and Pat Sonti Emphasis on Renewables Plus Energy Storage There is increasing drive among a wide range of stakeholders on mitigating the ongoing effects of global climate change...
Electric Vehicle Programs
Jan 20, 2020
John Gustafson
Traditionally, utilities have focused their efforts on providing reliable service, not ensuring customers are happy. That is changing and the customer relationship is increasing in value as utilities...
Chemical Recycling
Jan 15, 2020
By Marisabel Dolan While waste disposal has been an issue for quite some time, it was not until recent years that public and private sectors have become increasingly aware of the environmental...
gas export
Jan 7, 2020
Chris Parmenter
Uzbekistan has considerable primary energy resources, particularly fossil fuel. The proven reserves for natural gas are estimated at about 1.8 trillion cubic meters (Tcm or about 65 Tcf) as of Jan...
top ten energy industry blogs
Dec 31, 2019
John Gustafson
So long, 2019! We’re excited to cap off a wonderful year here at Nexant. Back in January we were thrilled to learn of two Exemplary Program Awards from ACEEE for programs we administer with ComEd...