With TechniArt now part of Resource Innovations, we can offer fast and flexible e-commerce and engagement platforms to supercharge program delivery for residential and small business customers. We provide the entire infrastructure (i.e., account management, in-house development, marketing services, customer care, and product fulfillment) for utilities, statewide programs, and implementers to achieve their sales goals.

  • Limited-Time Offers & Marketplaces
  • Kit Programs & Order Sites
  • Pop-up/Experiential Retail, including the mobile Benefication Lab
  • Product Advisor Plus, our decarbonization e-commerce platform

Increase sales and program participation

Achieve all your residential and small business portfolio goals with help from our e-commerce and engagement platforms. Our scalable, personalized platforms launch quickly, support multiple program needs, accentuate your brand, and exceed standard conversion rates.

Our team has the experience of getting customers to respond, purchase, and feel happy doing it. Our proven digital tools and program approaches engage even the hard to reach to customers and increase program participation.

To learn more about how we can develop new solutions and business models that deliver for your community, visit: E-Commerce Capabilities. Let our skills and capabilities help supercharge program delivery for your residential and small business customers.