What We Do

Resource Innovations offers immediate access to superior delivery of resource efficiency programs across all sectors, including a strong history of addressing the under-served low- and moderate-income communities. We have over 75 years of combined resource efficiency program design, implementation, planning, and strategy experience, including innovations and enhancements to program delivery and customer service. We are nimble and strive to transform the way resource efficiency is brought to market.


  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Residential
  • Government & Institutional
  • Agricultural & Water
  • Income qualified


  • Leveraging Community Stakeholders- We cultivate authentic partnerships with community stakeholders to promote diversity, build participation, and strengthen lasting impacts in the communities we serve.
  • Leveraging markets- We leverage different markets and remove barriers to accelerate market adoption and create lasting change.
  • Integrating diversity- We integrate diversity into all aspects of our work to reflect the environment and communities we serve.
  • Exceptional Customer and Client Satisfaction- We pride ourselves on the highest level of customer and client satisfaction which has proven our collective success in the energy efficiency industry.
  • Quality over Quantity- We value high quality work over having the largest market share. We strive for excellence and accuracy to maximize value for all our clients and customers.
  • Policy Development- We influence policy to drive change in energy efficiency.
  • Innovation- We develop innovative strategies for program design and implementation that lead to superior delivery and promote knowledge sharing and collaboration across stakeholders and community partners.

Clients and Partners