Comprehensive software platform to hedge congestion risks in transmission constrained electricity markets

iHedge® is a comprehensive software platform that enables market participants to hedge congestion risks in transmission constrained electricity markets. By providing competitive strategies through simulation of auctions, allocations of congestion revenue rights (CRR) and allocation of financial transmission rights (FTR). iHedge better prepares market participants for buying and selling the market assets. iHedge has been successfully deployed in New York ISO, Midwest ISO, California ISO, Electric Reliability Council Of Texas, Southwest Power Pool and the market system operation center at New Zealand.

The iHedge platform includes:

  • iHedge FTR Market System - An integrated system provides all required functions to run the FTR market efficiently.  It features an open and flexible architecture that allows future enhancements reflecting the continuous evolution of FTR markets.  All FTR markets share a common platform, with specific market rules configured within the calculation engines and user interfaces.
  • iHedge Day Ahead Market Simulator - A market simulation software application, that is used for committing and dispatching generation units in real-time to mid-term. The application optimally dispatches the generation units in the wholesale energy market by taking into consideration detailed generating unit characteristics, existing/planned transmission security constraints, fuel costs, and allocation limits and emissions allowances.
  • iHedge FTR Market Simulator - A software tool designed for market participants to help them hedge congestion management through FTR allocations and auctions. The tool can be used by market participants across all FTR markets for preparing immediate (next auction) bids, strategizing for longer term bids, auditing awards, and conducting energy and transmission provider planning.
  • mHedge - An integrated software system designed for energy market participants to strategize, analyze and implement the FTR portfolio. The software tracks past, present and future congestion rent and hedge-positions.