Video Interview: Customer Care and Business Processing at Nexant

Mar 30, 2020

Many people dread having to call a customer service number. Thoughts of long wait times, endless phone trees, and random hang-ups fill their mind. They feel lucky if they get to talk to someone competent. The Customer Care Center at Nexant helps customers in ways that matter, with real people. At Nexant, we handle calls for utility energy programs. Every call is answered by highly-trained professionals who provide concierge-level service tailored to the needs of an individual utility. It can be a thankless job, but it is a necessary one as we’ve seen with the expansion of staff and contracts for this service. It’s also one that continues to become more important to utilities - how can we provide the best service on every interaction?

Nexant’s Customer Care Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, serves 19 clients and over 80 energy programs. Inbound calls come from customers across the country (FL to CA), where customer service specialists help answer questions and check the status of rebates. Our specialists also do outbound calling to encourage participation in energy programs. 

One of our specialties is processing rebate and incentive applications. Typically in energy efficiency programs, utility customers and/or trade allies apply for and receive rebates that incentivize them to install energy efficient equipment or take part in various energy programs. In the last 5 years, our Customer Care Center has processed $432 million in incentives via 146,000 checks. When it first started we had just one client and ten representatives in the Call Center. Now the team includes just under 100 customer service representatives and it’s continuing growth led to the office moving to a bigger space. 

Recently, Brad Pierce, Vice President of Business Process at Nexant, asked his group some questions: “How can we speed this up? What if it only took one week to process and receive a rebate check?” After nine months of planning and software adjustments, Nexant is proud to say that we can process applications in just one day, with the check received in one week. This achievement is considered above and beyond the industry standard in business processing and is certainly the best turnaround in the energy industry. 

Check out our video with Brad below to learn more about how this Customer Care Center has grown.