Our Mission   


Resource Innovations is a women-owned, community-focused environmental consultancy working to transform the model of resource efficiency and create sustainable impacts that benefit all of us. We have a vision to empower everyone, particularly the most vulnerable, with equal access to clean and sustainable energy and water.


We empower efficiency innovation

With our deep roots in designing and delivering energy savings programs across the nation, we understand the power of energy efficiency. We also know there’s still so much more to do. We’re shaping the future with innovative approaches that apply the proven benefits of energy efficiency to new models of energy generation, distribution, and consumption, including renewables, microgrids, smart homes, and connected devices.


We connect energy and community

Efficiency means more than lower utility bills. It increases property value, business profitability, and personal comfort and quality of life. We are passionate about bringing diverse groups of utilities, trade allies, community organizations, and consumers to the table, so that we can all collaborate to reach a common goal: making clean and sustainable resources more available, more accessible, and more affordable, for all populations.


We transform efficiency into impact

With purposeful engagement of the right partners, we create synergies for massive impact. We design community-centric programs and platforms to facilitate seamless access to efficiency services, simplifying utility-to-consumer communication and coordination.

The net effect is programs that reach more people, more cost-effectively, more quickly. The transformation happens when a one-time change cascades into a lifetime of sustainable savings.