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Impact at scale

Going beyond energy efficiency.

Leading the charge. Powering change.  

Women-led, purpose built, and focused on impact, we’re constantly expanding our portfolio of solutions to guide utilities through increasingly complex, connected challenges. Load flexibility. Electrification. Carbon reduction. Our integrated approach builds on our expertise in energy efficiency, delivering real results that mark real progress toward a more sustainable, equitable future. For communities around the world, we’re leading the charge to power change.

Our Guiding Pillars  

Four pillars guide our growth and development. They serve as the foundation for the services we offer, the partnerships we build, and the culture we foster.

Climate Change  

The sweeping effects of climate change have transformed how we think about energy, even as the demand for energy grows. As a firm, we’re racing to prepare for a different future, one that’s more resilient and sustainable.


Emerging energy challenges require a fundamentally different approach, one more integrated and comprehensive. We consistently invest in new capabilities to achieve more enduring outcomes for clients and their communities.


We design and deliver energy solutions with a focus on community development, engagement, and action. We strive to integrate equity into every level of our operations to produce transformational outcomes for the communities we serve. 

Scale and Impact   

We’re bound by a common desire to make bold strides. Growth is an imperative—our continued expansion allows us to transform the energy industry and maximize the impact we make on issues of climate change and equity.


Making a difference.

We’re a fast-growing team with bigger plans for the future. And we’re looking for people who can help us make bold strides on important issues of climate change and equity.


Delivering real results.

We’re going beyond energy efficiency, building a comprehensive platform to help you meet your decarbonization goals and improve customer satisfaction.


Accelerating the clean energy transition.

We work with leading utilities, government agencies, and system operators around the world to create a more sustainable, equitable future.

Resource Innovations History

Focused on impact

Leading energy in a positive direction.

Leading the charge to power change is a collective effort. With our valued team, partners, and clients, we're transforming our industry with our environmental, social, and governance commitments.

Put our energy solutions to work.

See how Resource Innovations can help you navigate the clean energy transition, meet your decarbonization goals, and deliver successful outcomes at scale.

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