What We Do


We drive adoption of new products into wider markets, to make efficiency upgrades more affordable and readily available for all consumers.

We craft new policies and best practices for resource efficiency, pushing the industry to set higher standards for program effectiveness, transparency, and accessibility, so that delivering equitable outcomes becomes the norm.

We connect people with diverse networks for awareness, education, and assistance, enabling them to take meaningful strides towards reducing energy consumption while enjoying improved comfort and financial health.

We design and implement efficiency solutions based on proven models, tailored to each community’s resources and goals. Though our roots are in energy efficiency, our core capabilities extend to demand response, distributed resource management, renewables, and water conservation programs.


Services and Markets



Program design, implementation, and administration

Market Transformation

Community development and outreach

Trade ally engagement and training

Customer service solutions

Engineering and technical services

Quality management

Strategic consulting


Market Expertise



Residential (New Construction & Retrofits)

Income Qualified

Government and Public Sector

Agriculture and Food Processing

Water Conservation



Current Program Areas


Income Eligible Retrofits

Home Energy Assistance

Public Sector Outreach

Community Development

Income Qualified Weatherization

Energy Efficiency Strategic Planning

Trade Ally Strategic Planning

Market Transformation




Our strength is not only in our team, but in the larger teams we build through lasting partnerships. Collaborating with a broad bench of diverse partners enables us to deliver tailored programs with the right mix of strategic, technical, and relational experts. We are proud of our long history of leadership in energy industry associations, and our continued development of new relationships with community action agencies and trade groups.