COVID-19 Update

Innovating and Adapting through COVID-19

Find out what Resource Innovations is doing to support our customers and employees during COVID-19.

Reviewed May 2022

Throughout the pandemic, we continue to support our clients with innovative program design and increased understanding of their evolving needs. Our initial response to COVID-19 was to act swiftly to protect the health and safety of our employees and adapt our services to maintain our commitments to our customers. These efforts have been successful and our clients continue to achieve energy savings. We are all in this together, and we are extremely grateful to be working collaboratively with all our clients to navigate through this crisis.

Upholding Commitments to Our Teams

Our employees adapted quickly to working from home and to taking precautions in the field.  We have provided employee training and implemented office and field-specific safety plans to successfully prevent the spread of COVID-19 to our employees, clients, and customers. Our employees are our greatest asset and we have worked to maintain job security for members of our team during this time. Even though we are apart, our teams have found new and innovative ways to stay connected, and remote work has even made parts of our business more resilient. Finding new ways to work collaboratively over distance has been critical to continue to meet the needs of our customers.

Upholding Commitments to our Clients

We are proud our team has been able to rapidly develop and implement new solutions to meet the current and changing needs of our partners and clients. Just a few examples are outlined below:

  • Our Program Design team has been working with our clients to innovate and find ways to keep programs open and continue to implement energy saving customer projects. Across numerous programs, we have adjusted requirements to operate virtually, implemented remote energy management and field assessments, and developed 2-year no-interest financing opportunities to assist small business customers with reducing costs now.
  • Our Business Processing and Customer Care Center in Salt Lake City, UT went virtual in 5 business days without missing one call or delaying any processing. Our cloud-based iEnergy processing system and VoIP-powered call center allow us to manage our 70+ employee team, take customer calls, and process applications from any location indefinitely.

We strive to be a strategic and supportive partner to our clients. Together, we will persevere as we transform and succeed in this new environment.

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