AESP Southwest Chapter Webinar: Innovation In The Utility Industry

Apr 28, 2021
Online Webinar
United States

Nexant is proud to be hosting and speaking at the upcoming AESP Southwest Chapter Webinar on Wednesday, April 28, 2021. The topic for this webinar is: Innovation In The Utility Industry.

There's a lot of talk about innovation in the world of utility demand side management, but as we all know, change often comes slowly. Long planning cycles, complex regulatory structures, and a general fear of being “on the bleeding edge”, are all barriers to innovation (or at least accelerated innovation). Yet, in this rapidly changing utility landscape where energy efficiency and carbon reduction initiatives are more important than ever, and an accelerating proliferation of distributed energy resources is impacting the grid, staying agile, adaptive, and resilient is a necessity.

Speakers at this webinar for AESP Southwest Chapter members will discuss how technologies and innovative mindsets can help utilities evolve in this rapidly changing landscape.


Jim Giordano


Utility and Energy Programs, Products and Services

Jim is a Principal with Resource Innovations' Utility Services business unit located in the Chandler, AZ office. Jim has more than 25 years experience in the field of energy more