Ankit Jain


Market and Economic Potential Studies
Portfolio and Program Planning

Mr. Jain joined Freeman, Sullivan & Co. in June 2013. FSC was acquired by Nexant in January 2014. He has worked on a variety of relevant projects including DR market potential studies for Ontario, the San Antonio metropolitan area, Sacramento Municipal Utility District and the state of Pennsylvania. Through these and related projects, Mr. Jain developed a sector-level market potential calculator for DR programs, an assessment of how DR program design affects load reduction capacity, a study of new and emerging concepts for DR programs, an analysis of DR dispatch optimization algorithms for peak shaving applications, an evaluation of economic DR dispatch rules for the automation and integration of DR with the generation supply stack, and an investigation of wind production patterns to assess DR’s potential for addressing ramping needs. His other projects include an evaluation of California’s statewide permanent load shifting program, an estimate of end-use load profiles using whole-building load data, several evaluations of home and business energy report programs, a cost-effectiveness study of Ontario’s DR programs, a DR forecasting tool for Pacific Gas & Electric, and project management of two EPIC-funded distributed generation projects. Prior to joining Nexant, Mr. Jain worked on projects for the Office of the Governor of California, the Bipartisan Policy Center, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, which, respectively, focused on renewable integration goals, energy related policy, and a sustainability evaluation of transportation planning in a developing economy. Mr. Jain also worked for Exxon Mobil for more than four years, where he led the planning and development activities for several different assets, including the company’s largest domestic natural gas field by production volume.