Maryam Variani, PhD

Senior Consultant, Utility Services

Grid Modernization

Dr. Variani has more than eight years of R&D and consulting experience in power systems engineering, renewable integration studies, and electricity market analysis. Maryam's extensive experience includes power systems planning and operation, storage valuation, renewable integration, curtailment and congestion analysis, optimization methodologies, production cost modeling, dynamic simulations and control, frequency regulation, and data analysis.


Grid Modernization Expertise

  • DER Integration: Develops tools to facilitates increased levels of DER penetration
  • Renewable Integration Analysis: Models utilities with high penetration of renewable scenarios to assess the risk of renewable curtailment
  • Storage Valuation: Studies the operational benefits of storage in utilities through production cost modeling and dynamic simulations
  • Power System Dynamic Studies: implements Balancing Authorizes dynamic models to measure NERC reliability metrics
  • Programming Languages: MATLAB, VB, R, PYTHON, and C 
  • Energy Tools: PLEXOS, PROMOD, DSA Tools (PSAT, TSAT, VSAT), PSS/E, MATLAB/Simulink, KERMIT and DigSILENT