Nexant Announces its 20th Anniversary as a Global Software, Consulting, and Services Leader

Apr 23, 2020

Nexant, a globally recognized software, consulting, and services leader, is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. Over the last two decades, Nexant expanded from 3 offices to 18 and its number of employees has quadrupled. Based in San Francisco, Nexant was incorporated in 2000, on April 24th, by its current leader, CEO Basem Sarandah. The name "Nexant" was derived from a combination of the noun nexus, which means a focus or a connected group or series and the suffix -ant, which suggests performance. As a company, Nexant's diverse group of experts continue to advise clients, deliver services, and create dynamic solutions for the energy and chemicals industries.

“Reflecting on the past two decades in business, I couldn’t be more excited about where we have come over the years and the results we have delivered for our clients. Nexant has come a long way and I am proud of the way we continue to develop and implement strong services and innovative products to help reimagine the world of tomorrow,” says CEO Basem Sarandah.

Nexant created a 20th Anniversary Infographic to showcase achievements and milestones from the last 20 years. Nexant honors all who have been a part of their story, past and present. They created a timeline that shows Nexant's journey since incorporation, important dates, and company growth over time.

About Nexant

Nexant is a premier provider of technology enabled solutions to the Utility and Energy Industry focused on the next generation intelligent grid, distributed energy resources, and the digital customer experience. Nexant's clients include over 200 utility and software services customers and over 300 chemical and petroleum majors, financial institutions, and Fortune 500 companies. Find out more at