Nexant Awarded Climate Registered™ Gold Status, Joining Ranks of US Climate Leaders

Dec 10, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO -- Nexant, a provider of utility services and energy consulting, achieved a Climate Registered™ Gold award by The Climate Registry. Nexant earned this recognition by publicly reporting a third-party verified greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory for its operations and developing performance metrics. The Climate Registry is a nonprofit organization that is governed by U.S. states and operates the Carbon Footprint Registry, which is North America’s largest voluntary registry for GHG emissions.

“Organizations that become Climate Registered are the leaders in a growing movement to address climate change by managing and reducing emissions at the subnational level,” said Amy Holm, Executive Director of The Climate Registry. “We have just over a decade to take action that will ensure we avoid the worst effects of climate change. This kind of leadership is needed now more than ever.” The Climate Registry’s Climate Registered program offers five tiers of recognition to help companies communicate the actions they are taking on climate change. Requirements for recognition are available on their website.  

“Nexant’s employees are passionate about sustainability whether it’s developing solutions for our clients or applying it to our own business operations. Our outstanding sustainability efforts are informed by technical expertise and Nexant’s continuous improvement goals,” said Nexant Senior Vice President, Sam Mueller. 

Nexant pledges to continually improve the identification, measurement, and mitigation of the company’s environmental footprint across all aspects of our operations, including infrastructure, equipment, travel, transit, and procurement. In 2019, Nexant’s GHG reporting parameters expanded beyond North America to cover all global office emissions. Nexant reports and verifies Scope 2 emissions, which are produced by purchased electricity, gas, and steam at Nexant offices, and Scope 3 emissions, which are produced by commuting or business travel. 

As part of Nexant’s carbon neutrality pledge, they have purchased offsets since 2008 for emissions quantified from North America. They will continue to purchase offsets to cover  verified Scope 2 and 3 global emissions with the goal of maintaining carbon neutrality.

About Nexant

Nexant is a premier provider of technology enabled solutions to the Utility and Energy Industry focused on the next generation intelligent grid, distributed energy resources, and the digital customer experience. Nexant's clients include over 200 utility and software services customers and works with over 300 chemical and petroleum majors, financial institutions, and Fortune 500 companies. Find out more at

About The Climate Registry

The Climate Registry is a non-profit organization governed by U.S. states and Canadian provinces and territories. The Climate Registry designs and operates voluntary and compliance GHG reporting programs globally, and assists organizations in measuring, reporting and verifying (MRV) the carbon in their operations in order to manage and reduce it. TCR also builds GHG MRV capacity in sub-national and national governments, and spearheads innovative projects such as the Water-Energy Nexus Registry. Find out more at