Nexant iEnergy DSM Software Embraced by Utilities

Mar 16, 2016

OG&E, KCP&L, Lincoln Electric Service (LES), IESO and Platte River Power Authority among others, added to rapidly expanding customer base utilizing iEnergy to drive operational excellence in Energy Efficiency, Renewables and Demand Response.

San Francisco – Nexant, a leading provider of energy software solutions for utilities, today announced its Nexant iEnergy® software platform is now powering more than 60 utilities running more than 600 DSM customer programs in North America. The iEnergy platform enables utilities to operate the leading software solution for end-to-end Demand Side Management from customer engagement to-back office operations.  The result is a comprehensive DSM platform that can centralize key business processes, consolidate data management into a single system, and deliver improved visibility and results for all stakeholders. 

In the past few years DSM excellence has become increasingly important to utilities as they unify their customer service strategy, improve program results and drive operational efficiency. “We are proud that so many leading utilities have selected iEnergy including new customers OG&E, KCP&L, LES, Platte River Power Authority, the Independent System Operator of Ontario (IESO), and the City of Palo Alto among others,” said Nexant CEO Basem Sarandah. “iEnergy was purpose built with direction from our customers to help them centralize key processes and better engage customers around their energy efficiency, renewable energy, and demand response programs. It is exciting to see over 60 utilities on the platform and have it powering more than 600 programs.” 

“Nexant iEnergy is a cloud-based platform with a suite of specific DSM applications that deliver a superior customer experience with powerful data management and insight,” said LES Manager of Energy Services, Marc Shkolnick.  “With iEnergy, LES has been able to streamline our DSM business processes and strengthen our engagement and self-service for both trade allies and customers.”

The iEnergy platform includes:

iEnergy DSM Central manages end-to-end DSM, energy efficiency, and renewable energy and water conservation business processes driving operational efficiency, energy savings, and improving customer satisfaction – all in a single, secure, system of record.

iEnergy Trade Ally provides efficient vendor and contractor outreach, engagement and management to form a conservation community that works together effectively.

iEnergy Home engages and educates consumers to be efficient and participate in utility programs, driving demand management, equipment replacement and behavior modification.

iEnergy Business motivates utility business customers to manage their energy use and costs through actionable engagement that can change usage and equipment purchasing, while driving participation in conservation programs.

iEnergy Onsite provides real-time analysis and rebate information through a mobile assessment application.

iEnergy Portfolio Planning streamlines DSM and energy efficiency program planning and forecasting in a single system of record.

iEnergy Demand Response provides a single system to effectively manage the complete demand response business process, helping to ensure reduction goals are met on time and within budget.

iEnergy Technical Reference Library effectively, efficiently and transparently manages the complete set of DSM measure assumptions utilized in Technical Reference Manuals (TRMs)