Robin Energie Signs Agreement to Expand Use of Nexant RevenueManager

Apr 21, 2015
With a rapidly growing customer base in the Dutch energy market, Robin Energie expands “pay-as-you-grow” use of Nexant RevenueManager software


Nexant, a leading provider of customer-centric software solutions, today announced Robin Energie, a unique customer- and service-oriented energy supplier selling gas and power to residential customers in the Netherlands, has signed an agreement to expand its license contract for Nexant RevenueManager® software.

Nexant RevenueManager is a fully integrated, customer care, billing and contract management software platform. It supports multiple commodities through the entire customer lifecycle—from prospecting to customer acquisition, customer service and billing—in residential, commercial and industrial markets. Nexant RevenueManager software can be deployed in individual modules as needed or as a fully pre-integrated solution able to grow and scale with future business needs.

“During the past year, Robin Energie has doubled its customer base and further established its success as an energy retail company in the Dutch market,” said Ronald Ruskauff, Robin Energie Owner and Managing Director. “Our Nexant RevenueManager software license contract allows Robin Energie to increase the number of licensed accounts in line with our growing customer base which supports a true pay-as-you-grow business model. This flexibility provides clear benefits for our overall cost of ownership and directly translates to benefits for our customers as well.”

“We are pleased to continue to grow Nexant’s footprint in the Netherlands by expanding our license contract with Robin Energie,” said Martin Milani, Nexant SVP of Software and Chief Technology Officer. “Nexant believes in a pay-as-you-grow business model for our energy retail clients. Energy retail margins are thin and fully depend on efficiently buying and selling power and gas to end customers. Utilizing Nexant RevenueManager provides for the lower operating costs necessary for energy retail companies to profitably grow market share and meet strategic business goals.”

About Robin Energie

Headquartered in Veenendaal, the Netherlands, Robin Energie is a fast growing Dutch energy retailer that supplies power and gas to residential and small business customers. Robin Energie is an energy partner for curators and budget managers who oversee financial budgets on behalf of the end-customer. The company believes everyone should have access to power and gas for a fair price. Robin Energie is a customer centric organization that takes its customers and the environment seriously, and it invests in a better future on an on-going basis. See for more information.