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Energy Efficiency Hot Takes for 2024

  • Written by Taylor Harris
  • January 1, 2024
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It’s undeniable. The clean energy transition is revolutionizing not only our industry, but also our world. Resource Innovations’ dedicated experts, consisting of pioneers in energy transformation, have analyzed the landscape of innovative sustainability to bring you exclusive insights and predictions for what may unfold in 2024. Join us as we navigate the possibilities of the new year, offering a glimpse into the future and the transformative path that awaits.

“2024 is positioned to be a transformational year in our industry. Continued momentum in building performance standard (BPS) policies, coupled with unprecedented clean energy funding through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), pave the way for accelerated adoption of technologies that might otherwise be limited by cost-effectiveness constraints, such as envelope improvements, deep energy retrofits, and proactive electrification.

Jeff MitchellMarket Transformation Principal

"I predict that climate consciousness will no longer be just an industry value, but essential information increasingly needed by the ratepayers we serve, marking a crucial turning point in the way we measure and communicate the impact of energy-saving initiatives. Whatever you call it, ESG as a framework for responsible business operations and risk management isn't going anywhere."

Laura KimesHead of Impact and ESG

"I’m interested in the continued transformation of the industry’s response to offering installed services through utility direct-to-customer e-commerce platforms. As programs move towards offering instant rebates on more complex equipment and systems, those who can craft a seamless fulfillment and installation process with local market actors will prevail.”

Mark MichalskiProduct Marketing Principal, E-Commerce

"In the upcoming year, both our company and the broader industry we influence are set for profound transformations. The landscape of innovation in North American energy efficiency, electric vehicles, and demand response is on the brink of a redefinition in 2024, spearheaded by Resource Innovations. Our imprint on this industry is poised to capture the attention of policymakers at every level – from Federal and State authorities to utility energy initiatives, marking a significant shift in the way we drive progress.”

Dan MerchantSales Principal

"As the push for decarbonization intensifies, diverse sources like solar, wind, EVs, heat pumps, DR, and energy efficiency programs will drive the shift. Utilities will benefit from enhanced forecasting, customer engagement, mitigated variability from renewables, and greater grid flexibility and resilience. Resource Innovations, with its unique blend of software and services, stands ready to guide utilities through these challenges, leveraging our expertise and experience."

John DirkmanVice President, Product Management

“I think 2024 will prove an interesting year in which Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) funding will help accelerate energy efficiency market transformation. An example of this is how IRA funding has helped remove roadblocks that will cause utilities to push harder to get customers on time-of-use rate plans. Also, it will be fascinating to see how energy market solutions providers leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure that we not only use less energy, but that we use it at times and in ways that are most beneficial to the grid.”

Jim GiordanoOperations Principal

“In 2024, the acceleration of transportation electrification is imminent. Governments and private firms will heavily invest in expanding charging infrastructure, urban and highway alike. Innovative solutions, such as solar-powered chargers and gas station partnerships, will likely emerge. Governments may offer robust incentives like subsidies, tax breaks, purchase rebates, charging exemptions, and preferential EV parking, fostering a supportive environment for widespread EV adoption.”

Jill MartonProduct Marketing Manager, Transportation Electrification and Load Flex

Resource Innovations’ integrated approach accelerates our ability to innovate in critical areas that are reshaping the energy sector. Whether you’re interested in load flexibility, electric vehicles, decarbonization, or otherwise, our constantly expanding portfolio of advanced solutions and our proven expertise in demand side management and energy efficiency can help you navigate the clean energy transition.

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