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How Limited-Time Offers Supercharge EVSE Success

  • Written by Mark Michalski
  • March 6, 2024
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The Growing Importance of EVSE

Encouraging the use of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) among customers is vital for a smooth transition to electric vehicles (EV). To promote this, utility programs have been providing instant discounts on EVSE in recent years, in line with the rising popularity of EVs. These discounts are usually offered on level 2 chargers, which can support managed charging efforts in collaboration with the manufacturer.

Faster Charging for Happier Customers

Level 2 chargers allow customers to charge their vehicles up to seven times faster than with a factory-provided charger, a huge benefit for customers with “range anxiety” and concerns about not driving on a full charge. For these reasons, level 2 chargers play a crucial role in transportation electrification initiatives.

Taking a Proactive Approach with LTOs 

Embracing the shift toward electric vehicles, a forward-thinking Pacific Northwest utility set out to empower their customers with advanced level 2 chargers. Partnering with Resource Innovations in a dynamic collaboration, they elevated their EVSE rebate program with a limited-time offer (LTO) promotion. The special promotion enabled customers to purchase qualified chargers with the utility’s incentives instantly applied, ushering in a customer experience of ease and accessibility. Post-promotion, Resource Innovations connected interested customers to a network of trained, licensed, and vetted professionals to ensure hassle-free installations for those who sought assistance.

Dynamic Incentives and Unique Coupon Codes

During planning meetings, Resource Innovations learned about the utility’s available dynamic incentives.[1] The standard rebate amount was $500 for equipment only, while income-eligible customers could receive a total of up to $1,500 toward purchasing and installing a qualified unit. Resource Innovations recommended utilizing unique coupon codes to give customers the proper instant point-of-purchase discount through the promotion. The LTO was marketed to eligible customers via email and direct mail. Customers who were driven to the LTO landing page from the direct mailer simply entered their unique coupon code on the website to connect to their discounts. Customers who reached the LTO landing page by clicking the email’s call-to-action button (e.g., Buy Now!), did not need to enter a code on the website, enabling them to bypass the content gate entirely, as they were led directly to an online storefront with their available incentives.

Seamless Customer Experience

The available incentives were applied directly to qualifying ChargePoint and JuiceBox residential level 2 chargers for customers. By utilizing unique coupon codes assigned to each eligible customer, LTO participants were pre-approved for either the standard or income-eligible instant point-of-purchase rebate. This approach eliminated the need to collect utility account information or income level during the checkout process which streamlined program evaluation and reporting, while improving customers’ LTO participation experience.

Successful Promotion and Future Prospects

This month-long promotion received over 700 orders at a 10% e-commerce site conversion rate. 

The team is delighted with the results, recognizing alignment with the national trend of increasing customer interest in EVs. The promotion not only identified potential customers for future charging initiatives but also showcased an effective approach to implementing limited-time offers with dynamic incentives.

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This blog was originally posted on AESP’s Spark Blog.

[1]Incentives that change, based on customer type.