Insight into iEnergy Software: What's Changed and What's Next?

Aug 19, 2018

Software that helps businesses run more efficiently is often held to high standards for agility, flexibility, usability, and reliability. Meeting those standards is challenging for any company, but it’s so important for the customer’s experience and satisfaction.  

We’re proud to announce that we’ve updated the user experience for iEnergy and have made major upgrades to the functionality resulting in a more intuitive experience.

Improving back-end analytics was a pain point for many utility clients who need insight into where savings are coming from and what energy programs are most effective. To serve their needs of becoming more efficient, automated, and agile in decision-making, we offer new features in iEnergy in addition to our analytical expertise with big data through Nexant’s Utility Services. iEnergy will be pairing back-end analytics through Tableau, which provides data visualization and helps gather insights.  


Tableau Analytics in iEnergy software
Tableau budget graph showing incentives paid and spending by program

iEnergy Program Management makes it easy for customers to select rebates for energy efficient upgrades to their home or business and coordinate with the installers (i.e., trade allies). Utilities can review the application progress and request inspections as necessary. As part of our changes to the personal user experience (PUX), customers can easily review details, select various rebate options, and apply via online applications. They can review the costs and incentives available, as well as check the status of their application.

iEnergy software user experience for rebates and incentives
Rebate user experience for an EV charging station application.


iEnergy Software details screen for EV Charging Station
EV Charging station details and workflow to connect with a Trade Ally and review the application status.

Our application processing/utility call center in Salt Lake City, Utah, has made huge strides in efficiency this year. With the help of the updated iEnergy platform and our rigorous procedures, Nexant’s Customer Care Center is able to fulfill some rebate applications in the same day they are received and 99% of applications are turned around in less than a week. The industry standard is 6-8 weeks! Brad Pierce, our Principal and utility customer care expert, has an ambitious goal to process ALL applications in a same-day turnaround.

Last June, our customers enjoyed Nexant’s First Annual User Consortium in Las Vegas, NV, where we discussed our software, the product roadmap, and best practices. Going forward, we’re offering iEnergy customer care packages, which provide clients with one-on-one time with a subject matter expert every month. In September, we’re hosting our quarterly online user group conference call; providing our clients additional training, a forum to receive feedback, and  the opportunity to plan the next Annual User Consortium. With continuous training and accessible experts, our clients will utilize iEnergy to its fullest potential, whether it is being used for data analytics, electrification programs, or stellar customer experiences.

iEnergy User Consortium presentation by Mukul Kundu
Mukul Kundu and Ankush Kumar presenting at the iEnergy User Consortium.