Recap of the 2019 Nexant User Consortium

May 29, 2019

A Hole in One!

The best way to describe how comprehensive Nexant’s iEnergy software is, is that it’s truly one platform for every customer program, or if you are at Top Golf, you would say “it’s a hole in one!” In May, Nexant’s iEnergy and Marketing teams, and Orlando Utilities Commission, hosted the second annual user consortium and networking event in Orlando, Florida. The user consortium brings together Nexant and iEnergy users to share best practices, collaborate on new ideas to improve software functionality, and learn about new and future enhancements on the roadmap.

Nexant customers enjoyed having one-on-one time with subject matter experts and hearing about how other iEnergy customers and Nexant’s Utility Services and Customer Care teams take advantage of the iEnergy software and service improvements. This year, Nexant product experts presented on new features to iEnergy Program Management and Public User Experience (PUX), OnSite mobile assessment tool, Trade Ally Connect, enhanced Analytics and Reporting, and the Care Package service. In addition to learning about iEnergy products and services, attendees learned how Nexant’s iEnergy and Grid360 software work together to offer our customers an innovative solution to manage the integration of distributed energy resources on their grid. And if that wasn’t enough, we all enjoyed networking and swinging a club at Top Golf! Look for more details on next year’s User Consortium soon.

Customer Satisfaction

“The Nexant iEnergy platform provides PacifiCorp with streamlined and consolidated business process management and visibility for all programs as well as confidence in reporting and meeting compliance requirements. The web-based and mobile-accessible solution also supports robust measure data maintenance and management for our DSM programs with speed and accuracy—all in a consolidated system of record.” 

– Esther Giezendanner, Manager Demand-side Management, PacifiCorp

“It was great to meet people in-person—especially the ones I talk to on the phone regularly! Networking with other users and Nexant staff is priceless.”

Anne Larrabee, Tacoma Power

iEnergy Overview

Nexant’s iEnergy platform is truly one platform for every customer program. iEnergy offers a comprehensive suite of best-in-class enterprise solutions for managing and executing end-to-end Demand Side Management (DSM), Energy Efficiency (EE), Demand Response (DR), Distributed Energy Resource (DER), and other customer programs. The platform provides customers, implementers, and contractors (trade allies) an engaging experience, while delivering a streamlined cost-effective solution to utilities.

Nexant is proud to announce that we’ve made several enhancements to the platform to improve user experiences for both customers and utility administrators. These enhancements are based on valuable feedback from our customers and our software and program management experts. iEnergy offers robust products and enhanced capabilities, such as:  iEnergy Program Management and user friendly Public User Experience (PUX), enhanced multi-modal OnSite assessment and inspection tools, Trade Ally Connect for successful contractor relationship management, and a sophisticated and customizable analytics platform.

Featured Solutions

Trade Ally Connect

Trade Ally Connect (TAC) is a streamlined portal through which trade allies can apply for membership in a Trade Ally Network. Once enrolled they will have access to tools and training resources, and be able to maintain key information like licenses and certifications. TAC is integrated with iEnergy Program Management out of the box, but can also integrate with third-party program management solutions. 

Trade Ally Connect At-a-Glance

iEnergy OnSite

The iEnergy platform also includes a powerful mobile assessment tool designed for tablets and smartphones. iEnergy OnSite collects critical data for utility programs— including energy efficiency, water conservation, and customer generation—and can even be configured for ASHRAE level I and II audits. It allows end users (trade allies, engineers, auditors, and inspectors) to perform assessments, gather building benchmarking data, track project and measure installation, and perform measurement and verification. All data collected in iEnergy OnSite is synced to the iEnergy centralized data management, tracking, and reporting systems.

Examples of OnSite Form Submission